Vegetable Gardening Wisdom

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Derek Trimble

Planting and tending a garden is a series of small steps that yields big rewards. 

That’s the realization that sparked my idea for the book Vegetable Gardening Wisdom. It’s the kind of book you can pick up and put down, gathering inspiration and information a bit at a time without getting overwhelmed. My hope is that Vegetable Gardening Wisdom will help you develop a lifelong love of growing what you eat.

Sample Pages 

Sometimes the best gardening advice comes in tidbits shared over the backyard fence from a sage neighbor.

In Vegetable Gardening Wisdom, master gardener Kelly Smith Trimble shares her tried-and-true ideas and guidance for finding success and enjoyment in every aspect of vegetable gardening. Presented in a lively, beautifully designed package that make a perfect gift and source for daily inspiration, Trimble invites readers to dip in regularly for bite-sized pieces of information on topics ranging from herb and vegetable gardening to cooking, preserving, and creative ways to use the harvest along with ideas for reducing garden and kitchen waste. Trimble suggests the best herbs to grow indoors, the best way to start peas, how to use lettuce as a living mulch in the garden, how to make compost tea, how to identify beneficial bugs, how to blanch cauliflower, and much more. Woven in among her tips are helpful and inspiring quotes from other plant-loving folks, ranging from novelist Jamaica Kincaid to vegetable gardening guru Ed Smith and renowned chef Sean Brock.

book cover for Vegetable Gardening Wisdom by Kelly Smith Trimble with illustrations by Harriet Popham
Storey Publishing (2019), Illustrations by Harriet Popham

“This is not a book for the shelf, but one for the coffee table or bedside table, where it can be savored every single day. Kelly Smith Trimble is a lifelong vegetable gardener who guides us through the seasons with her practical advice that’s paired with inspiration from some of the most respected voices in gardening. The bite-sized vignettes will grow your gardening skills and encourage you to try new crops, plant combinations, and techniques. With every carefully chosen quote, every morsel of advice, Trimble reinforces the joys of being a gardener. The takeaway from this book is simple: gardening makes us happy.”
– Niki Jabbour, host of The Weekend Gardener radio show, and author of The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener

“Vegetable Garden Wisdom is a such a happy book to keep on hand … For every season there are ideas and inspiration to help you turn your corner of the world into a more beautiful and bountiful place.”
– Barbara Pleasant, author of Homegrown Pantry

“Warning: This book will give you confidence. Empowered with nuggets of wisdom, practical tips, and solid horticultural facts, you’re going to find yourself saying, “Hey, I can do that.” And you will!”
– Rebecca Bull Koraytem, former associate garden editor, Southern Living

Get Your Copy 

There are many different ways to buy a copy! You can buy from major online retailers, including:

You can also buy from local bookstores, garden centers, and grocers in your area!



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